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Just start with the photo of your room, select from 35+ curated interior design styles, and ask to generate a new design.

35+ Interior Design Styles

Discover a style that truly resonates with you. With 35+ hand-picked interior design styles, we cater to every preference. Whether you lean towards minimalism or maximalism, adore the modern or cherish the rustic, or find yourself somewhere between urban and country aesthetics, Decor8 AI has the perfect style to complement your sensibilities.

Fill Empty Rooms With Furniture

With Virtual Staging option, virtually decorate an empty room. Decor8.AI app adds furniture and home décor items as per selected design style.

Find Home Décor Products You Like

Decor8 AI's designs are not just as visuals, but they are shopping guides too!


Pinpoint and explore home décor products directly within our design renderings. Discover, research, and bring them home!

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