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The World's First Virtual Staging API

Integrate Generative AI Into Your Real Estate App with our Virtual Staging API

Integrate state-of-the-art AI Interior Design techniques into your app with Decor8 AI API. Whether you're building a virtual property staging app or an app to redesign a room with its photo, this powerful API is now at your disposal.

Boost Your Property Listings with AI

With Decor8 AI Virtual Staging API, you can integrate advanced Generative AI technology into your app.

  1. Enhanced Visualization: Virtual staging can help buyers visualize the potential of a property, making it easier for them to see themselves living in the space. This can be particularly valuable for vacant or unfurnished homes.

  2. Increased Appeal: Staged properties often look more appealing and well-presented in listing photos, which can attract more interest from potential buyers.

Virtual Real Estate Staging With Decor8 AI

Fill up empty rooms with furniture without breaking the bank. Let your customers imagine the possibilities with the new property they are about to buy. 

Decor8 AI - Virtual Staging API Features

Decor8 AI Virtual Staging API Documentation

Decor8 AI Virtual Staging API includes features like placing furniture in empty rooms, redesigning rooms with new décor, priming the unfinished walls and upscaling images to higher resolution. 

Who is Decor8 AI Platform API for?

Application Platform Developers:

For developers creating apps focused on virtual property staging or room reimagination, this SDK is invaluable. It facilitates the generation of unique and unprecedented interior design ideas, utilizing over 35 curated design styles, and is especially crucial for apps that aim to reimagine rooms through photos.


Interior Design Firms:

The Decor8 AI SDK is an essential tool for interior design firms that aim to revolutionize their online portfolios or websites. The SDK allows the integration of innovative AI interior design techniques, enabling firms to showcase a range of possible design aesthetics in their projects.


Realtors and Real Estate Agents:

Realtors can significantly benefit by integrating this SDK into their websites or portfolios. It offers a robust virtual staging solution, enabling real estate professionals to present properties in various design aesthetics, enhancing their appeal to potential buyers.

API Pricing

Decor8 AI Virtual Staging API Pricing

No upfront payment required

Pay-As-You-Go API Plan

20 cents per output image

Reach out to for high volume pricing plan

You get monthly invoice based on your API usage.

  • You're not charged for failed or cancelled API calls. Only successful image generation results into a charge.

  • Pay-As-You-Go Plan is great when you're starting small to test the APIs or expect lower traffic.

  • Get API for all Decor8 AI Platform features 

  • Email-Support under 24 hours.

Decor8 AI Virtual Staging SDK for Popular Programming Languages

Decor8 AI Python SDK

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