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Decor8 AI: an AI Interior Design App

Fill empty rooms with furniture or re-design current room interior with more than 35+ interior design styles 🏡🌻

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AI Interior design with just a photo of the room

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Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in:

We're thrilled to announce our contribution to the Redfin article on, Maximalism in Minimalism: Designers Share 26 Tips for Infusing Maximalist Vibes into Minimalist Spaces, where we were recognized as expert designers sharing insights on maximalism. Whether designing your new apartment or revitalizing your small space, our tips are tailored to help you achieve the look you desire. Dive into our curated advice to seamlessly infuse maximalist vibes into your place, unlocking the potential for a captivating and personalized design aesthetic

Deccor8 AI : AI Interior Design And Virtual Property Staging App

Room Design With Decor8 AI

Tired of spending countless hours pinning dozens of design ideas only to realize that they don’t fit the vibe of your space at all? We were too. So, we created Decor8 AI to modernize home decorating process and take the stress out of your next interior design project.

Using just one photo of your space, our AI interior decorator tool allows you to experience more than 35 of interior design styles, mix and match your aesthetics, and instantly reimagine your room without pushing around a single piece of furniture.

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Start with just a photo of a room. Choose from 35+ Interior Design Styles and 20+ Room Types


Decor8 AI automatically detects empty room and places desired furniture in it.


Organize all of your interior design ideas in one place


Built-in search to find similar products as shown in the design


Virtual Real Estate Staging With Decor8 AI

Transform your real estate game with Decor8 AI's sophisticated workflows that fill empty rooms with furniture. Embrace the power of AI-driven technology to captivate buyers, spark their imagination, and elevate your real estate listing like never before. And the most important benefit is that you will save a lot of money by using Decor8 AI for virtually staging your properties.


AI Model for Virtual Property Staging

Decor8 AI deploys a state of the art AI Model for Virtual Property Staging. We have taken every care to ensure room's layout is maintained while filling up room with virtual furniture and home décor. Try Virtual Staging with Decor8 AI to see the difference.

What are the benefits of Virtual House Staging with AI?

  • 💰 Enhance home appeal, thanks to our virtual home staging solutions without breaking the bank

  • 😰 Forget the hassle of coordinating with staging services companies and furniture rentals – Decor8 AI is your all-in-one solution.

  • ✨ Experiment with endless design possibilities to match every property's unique style and charm.

  • 🤩 Effortlessly export and share captivating designs on listings and social media, attracting more potential buyers

  • 💡 Seamlessly showcase different design options for potential buyers, enabling them to envision the full potential of the property

Try Decor8 AI App for Virtual Property Staging

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Integrate Decor8 AI in your apps with its powerful but very simple to use API


API for AI Interior Design and Virtual Property Staging

Builds apps quickly with Decor8 AI SDK for AI Interior Design. Whether you're building an app for virtual property staging or AI interior design with a photo of the room, Decor8 AI SDK is for you. 

Python | Javascript | Dart | HTTP 

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Ready To Decor8?

Download Decor8 AI App for Home Decorating now!

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How To design your room With Decor8 AI Interior Design App?


 1. Upload Photo 

Snap a picture of the space you’d like to redesign and upload it to our free interior design app in just a few quick seconds.

 2. Select Interior Decoration Style 

Whether you’re going for something minimal and sleek or maximal and cozy, our platform includes hundreds of design combinations for every type of room in your home, allowing you to easily visualize your finished designs.

 3. Get Inspired 

Once you’ve found the design style of your dreams, you can quickly download high-quality JPEG renderings of your redesigned room so that you can bring your DIY vision to life fast.


Start Designing Your Room Now

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